Closed Cycle

4K Flow System

Cryocooler for the whole lab

Introducing a modular closed cycle cooling system that can be used for multiple experiments.

  • Increase Lab Productivity
  • Prepare Sample Environments in Advance
  • Decreased Cooldown Time per Experiment
  • Flexible Line Works in Any Orientation
  • Plugs into Variety of Cryostats
  • Off-Table Cryocooler
  • Incredibly Low Vibration Displacement

Freedom of Movement

The Stinger allows for a wide range of movement while the experimental head is cold. Put the cold tip exactly where it’s needed, and make future adjustments with room to spare.
  • XYZ translation for microscope heads
  • Navigate UHV chambers with ease
  • Less stiff than typical LHe transfer line
  • Custom line lengths (18in – 4ft) (45cm – 122cm)

Ultra Low Vibration

The Stinger flexible line naturally results in lower vibration at the experimental cold head. Having an off-table cryocooler leaves more room around experiment and bleeds off vibration energy without compromising sample data.
Combining the Stinger System with our ULV and Pulse Tube interfaces results in the lowest vibration closed cycle system commercially available today, with <10 nanometers displacement at the sample point.

Plug and Perform

Similar to how a liquid helium Dewar can be rolled around and inserted into different cold heads, the Stinger can be cooled and moved between cryostats…

All within a closed cycle.

How Does it work?

First Stage <40K
Second Stage 4K or 10K
Third Stage 4K directly at sample

Third Stage Details:

Closed loop helium gas flow with re-circulator

  • Gas flows through Stinger transfer line to cool experimental cold head
  • Used gas returns to CCR via transfer line
  • Gas exits CCR to be re-circulated by pump

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